Why Kona Fishing?

Kona, Hawaii is one of the most unique places in the world to hunt for Big Game, not only for its rich history but its close proximity and comfortable waters that hold true Monsters, GRANDERS, Marlin that weigh in excess of 1,000lbs

Kona is nestled off the leeward side of the Big Island, Hawaii. Kona means "calm" in the Hawaiian language, and that is exactly the water you will most likely be fishing in. It’s essentially the largest sea mountain in the world. Being 2,600 miles away from any large landmass makes these islands an ideal place for the pelagic to feed and breed. The run from the harbor to the fishing grounds is incredibly sort, with the water dropping to 600 feet just outside of the harbor to 6,000 feet only three miles offshore. You have a shot at any of six species of fish that can be caught throughout the year. Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Shortnose Spearfish (rarest billfish in the world), Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi. Bring your own beer or alcohol Bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. Shoes or slippers must have boat-friendly soles.

We will be happy to give you fish to cook or recommend an establishment for cooking your catch. WE DO NOT SHIP

The Common Catch


Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin are the prize fish in Kona. The thrill of a 700 lb. dancing is unrivaled.

Black Marlin

Black Marlin are rare in Hawaii but they are there for the catching like this 1200 lb. beauty.

Stripe Marlin

Stripe Marlin (Hawaiian: A'u) is destined to give you a show once on the line. They dance and tailwalk like no other catch.

Shortnose Spearfish

Shortnose Spearfish (Hawaiian: Hebi) is the much smaller than its Marlin cousin. They are delightful to catch and eat.

Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna is a found in pelagic waters of tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.


Wahoo or Ono (Hawaiian for "good to eat") are fast swimmers and generally an incidental catch, but worth bringing to the boat.

Mahi Mahi

Dolphin (Hawaiian: Mahi Mahi) are a fun catch for anyone. Their boat to table effortlessness make them a Hawaiian favorite.

credit: Farish Media


Call Captain Hibbard at (808) 987-0781 or fill out the form below to request a booking.

2nd Offense

The 2nd Offense is a 43' Allied Marine with a custom-designed and built hull, there were only 14 were made with only two left in the world. Her big sister, The Marlin Magic II (a 54’ Allied Marine), also happens to reside in Kona.

This Allied raises Monsters. To date, the 2nd Offense’s two largest marlins weighed in with a 1,400 lb Blue Marlin with Captain Marlin Parker and a 1,102 lb Blue Marlin with Captain Jason Holtz. The hull and structure of the Allied were built solid with fir framing and marine ply, a marine adhesive similar to 5200. She has cedar crown and cove planking and is quilted every 4”.

In 2018, the vessel went through a complete overhaul and refurbishment. Nothing was left untouched: Rewiring throughout the entire vessel was completed and upgraded power. In 2019, after being crowned 2nd Offense, this boat was graced with dripless rudder tubes and new VEEM props. In 2020 she had her wood bottom glassed solid with one layer of Knytex fiberglass and two layers of cloth to make her bulletproof.

Two new Cummins QSC’s 8.3 liter 490hp- 600hp motors cruise at 28 knots, with a top speed of 33 knots
PHAZOR 9.5 KW generator

Two new Cruise Air A/C in the salon and V- bertch that would chill an ice cube

Two deep sliding refrigerators

Drink box and an extra deep ice box built into the bulkhead

Fusion entertainment system

Super comfortable salon with newly
upholstered settee, wide day bed, and plenty of window space to still see the Blue Marlin crash bite while taking a rest, too easy!

For tackle and electronics we spared no cost, only the best will suffice in this Sport of Monsters!

New Release Marine Fighting and Helms chairs

Garmin 16” XSV chart/recorder

Garmin autopilot and VHF

Two hardtop bridge teasers

LP dredge reel with custom rod

Five 130 class Shimano 2 speed reels
loaded with 200lb Spectra line and
topped off with the best mono in the
world, Amalon

Five 130-class custom rods made by A1A Rod Builders

Four Talica II 50’s loaded with 130lb
Spectra line topped with 50lb Momoi

Four 50/80 class custom rods made by A1A Rod Builders

Three Custom Australian flying gaffs

Chair harness by Seamount harnesses

Tagging equipment and, on occasion,
Satellite tags

Impeccable rigging gear

Trolling hooks, mostly by Nick Durham of TANTRUM Lures

Lures mostly by MARLIN MAGIC,
TANTRUM, KOYA, COGGINS, ELKINS and various other backyard makers!

Captain's Corner

Meet The Captain
Where have you been?
Captain Kevin Hibbard, born June 4th, 1972. Moved to the Big Island of Hawaii from St. Augustine, Florida January 1995 to pursue a career in fishing for Blue Marlin and has never looked back since. I was fortunate to get to fish w the best Captains here that shared there knowledge w me. That eventually gave me the traveling bug, wanting to go fish for Giant Blue and Black Marlin around the world w the best guys in the business. Azores, Cape Verde, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Costa Rica, still my favorite place is where we live, Kona. I specialize in Heavy Tackle and Lure fishing as well as chasing World Records on conventional rod and reel and on Fly Rod. I’ve had my USCG Captains license since 1998 No other place is as special to me in that we have the shot at the biggest fish in the world, at any given moment on any given day! Just be careful what you wish for!

Tournament Experience:
• Pelagic Pro Team since 2003
• Seamount harness’s
• Grand Slam Tackle
• Multiple tournament wins
• Light tackle World Records as Captain and as mate.

Captain's Blog